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Are you someone like me who loves to add rose water in skincare routine?
If yes, then this post is for you.

After trying out a lot of rose water based products, I have shortlisted some of the best products at affordable prices.


Why rose water?
Rose water has soothing properties and is a natural skin toner. Rose water is gentle and suitable for all skin types. It is an amazing ingredient for giving healthy glowing skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants. It also makes skin look and feel fresh.

Let's see some affordable rose water based products.

1. Banjara's rose water

It's my all time favorite rose water. It's one of the best quality rose water you can get at a very low price. It is enriched with rose oil.
Key ingredients are rose oil and gulab ark (rose extract) in base Q.S. It smells so amazing and gives instant refreshment.
You get 120ml product at price INR 45.
It is also cruelty free.

2. Patanjali rose water

It is one of the few products from this brand which you can definitely get your hands on. It won't work like banjara's as a face mist but you can use this in your DIY face masks. Doesn't provide much refreshment.
120ml product retails for INR 28.

3. Sri sri tattva gulab jal

This is another affordable rose water. It comes with a spray which is easy to use as a face mist. It's a decent product to try. Good for summers especially. It leaves a bit stickiness after application.
It contains rose liquid extract, preservative- phenoxyethanol, added color, aqua Q.S, base Q.S. 
Retails for INR 65 for 100ml.

4. Good vibes rose toner

It comes with a spray which is easy to use. It is really gentle on the skin.
It works well like a refreshing facial mist more than a toner.
Ingredients are D M water, rose extract, liqourice extract, mulberry extracts, cucumber extracts, phenoxyethanol, tween-20, amarant red, fragrance.
It retails for INR 175 for 120ml. It is available in

5. VLCC rose toner

This one gives instant refreshment and is very gentle on the skin. Adds a bit of glow to the skin.
This Ingredients are aloe vera extract, date extract, magic nut extract, mint extract, rose petals distillate Q.S. 
Not for oily skin types.
Retails for INR 162 for 100ml.

6. Krishkare rose water

This is such a gentle product and in affordable price.
Retails for INR 220 for 200ml.
Ingredients are rose extracts and aqua. It doesn't give any sort of sticky feel when applied and can be used as a face mist or toner.

7. Jiva rose water

Recently discovered this brand in amazon. This product works great like a toner. It helps to remove leftover dirt after cleansing. 
Retails for INR 80 for 100ml. 
Comes in the form of spray which is easy to use.

I will never suggest you to get dabur rose water. I regret buying it.
These were some of the affordable rose toners available in India.
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